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The PC Power Pack

The #1 Best Seller (Amazon Kindle Computers and Technology, April 2012)

The PC Power Pack contains seven free tools that are proven to speed up your Windows and Macintosh computers in less than an hour. This comprehensive guide includes a section on free productivity software that will save you thousands of dollars and sandboxing your computer for worry free browsing.

"This will save you $100 if you were thinking of taking your computer in for a 'tune-up." Buy the book and in an hour you will have completed the same job the PC store wold have. The difference is that you can do it again without paying another $100!"

"Fantastic book! I have tried multiple products to speed up my PC only to have it slow down again. This book introduced me to many 'tricks' and programs... for FREE... that took care of all my problems in under an hour. Must read! Easy to follow and easy to use on your PC"

Includes the Xplica! Editions Program. As a courtesy to our readers, the Xplica! Editions Program provides content to all future editions free of charge.


Available as an Amazon Kindle book

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