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What is Botique Carpet Cleaning?

Xplica! is a premium botique carpet cleaner that offers superior services and preimium non-toxic products at half the price of most of our competitors. This is accomplished through a win-win business model that provides adequate profits to our company while saving you money.


Personalized Service

Our unique franchise model assures that the specialist who comes to clean your carpet is also an owner of the company. Unlike our compeittors, who use minimum wage employees, or who pay their employees on volume; each of our specialists has a vested interest in your utmost satisfaction. All Xplica! carpet specialists undergo an extensive background check to assure that the person we send to you home is the same person we would invite into ours.


Cold Steam Encapulasion Cleaning

The cost for encapsulated cleaner is three times higher than the ordinary bulk detergent used by our competitors. However, encapsulation provides both superior cleaning and long term protection. In fact, the encapsulation process continues to work long after we leave the premises. As a result, the soil that is normally missed with standard carpet cleaning is removed when you routinely vacuum your carpets. Your carpets undergo a deep soil cleaning every time you vacuum! Additionally, the encapsulating polymer provides an anti-soiling barrier and adds stain resistance. Yes, it costs us more, and we make less profit, but we feel that our customer's are worth it.


We Take the Time to Do the Job Right

Most carpet cleaners will employ harsh detergents and color birghteners in order for your carpets to appear clean. This allows them to rush through a job with only one or two stokes. While the carpet may appear clean on the surface, soil remains deep in the pile of the carpet. As a result, the carpet fibers will often wick up the deep dirt, causing next day spots. At Xplica!, we take the time to truly deep clean your carpets with a gentle and superior encapsulation cleaner, which almost guarentees that there will no next day spots. Additionally, we never use short cuts like color brighteners, which cause premature fading and are discouraged by carpet manufacturers.


Premium Products

In place of harsh detergents and color brighteners, we clean your carpets with Trusted Clean Non-Toxic Encapsulation Cleaner.

In place of inexpensive perfume cover-ups, we use Odorcide 210 deodorizer, which is non-toxic, all natural, and fragrance free.

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