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About Your Carpets: Fibers


Nylon is a synthetic fiber that has good durability, is resistant to mold and mildew, and is typically treated with stain resistance by the manufacturer. Best of all, nylon is excellent at hiding dirt and is the easiest type of carpet to clean and maintain. Nylon carpets are considered the best all around carpet. Short pile nylon carpets are ideal for heavy traffic areas.



Wool is a natural fiber that is typically made from sheep or goat hair. Wool is flame resistant and wears exceptionally well. Because of its natural ability to retain water, wool can often be susceptible to mold and mildew. Although resistant to wear, wool carpets should not be used in heavy traffic areas as bald spots may occur. Typically, because of its high price, wool carpets are most popular as area rugs. However, wool is available as wall-to-wall carpeting. We recommend that you avoid low-cost "bargain" wool carpets as the wool is not likely to be worsted and will shed excessively. It's also worth noting that hand knotted wool carpets are far superior to tufted, or hand tufted, wool carpets.



Acrylic is a synthetic fiber that closely mimics the texture and feel of wool. Many "artificial wool" carpets are constructed from acrylic. Unlike wool, acrylic is resistant to soiling, moths, mold and mildew. Like polypropylene, acrylic is less likely to fade in bright sunlight. Typically, acrylic is not an ideal carpet fiber as it is susceptible to piling and tends to fuzz-up and shed.



Polypropylene is a synthetic fiber that is less expensive than wool and nylon. This fiber has good durability and is resistant to mold, mildew, and fading; making it ideal for locations with direct sunlight, outdoors, and basements. Polypropylene is also stain resistant, except for oil based stains. Unfortunately, polypropylene fiber is more easily crushed than wool and nylon. Additionally, because of its low melt point, the excess friction caused by moving furniture can cause the fibers to fuse together.

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