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About Your Carpets: Construction


Saxony is the most popular type of carpet construction for wall-to-wall carpets. After a carpet is weaved, the top (pile) will be a series of loops. Saxony carpets use a dense; straight weave with the tops of the loops sheared off. This results in a thick, flat, even, surface. Saxony carpets are the soft luxurious carpets that you will typically see in a living room. Keep in mind that a Saxony will show footprints and may shed.


Tip Shear

Tip shear construction is similar to Saxony in that the tops of the loops are sheared. However, tip shear carpets use a twisted fiber, making them less soft and more informal than a Saxony. Tip shear carpets are most commonly used in hotel rooms where they provide a good compromise between looks and durability.



Frieze carpets are similar to tip shear in that they are a cut loop twisted fiber. However, frieze carpets have a tighter twist to the fibers, resulting in a more informal and wavy look. Frieze construction tends to hide footprints and dirt, making it ideal for heavy traffic areas.


Loop (low and high piles)

As the name implies, loop construction does not cut or shear off the tops of the loops. This offers a nice compromise between looks, softness, and durability for higher traffic areas.



Berber is a low loop carpet made with thick heavy yarn. Berber is best suited for high traffic areas like commercial facilaties and offices. The life and appearance of a Berber carpet is brought into question when made from materials other than wool or nylon. Burber is also suceptible to runs (carpet fiber pulls out and unravels).

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