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Xplica! Studio: Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet Cleaning Process


Carpets are inspected for spots and heavy soiling

• Spots, heavy soiling, and traffic areas are pre-treated

• Carpets are cleaned, deodorized, and protected

• Work is reviewed to assure your utmost satisfaction

• Customer is given care instructions

State of the Art Mighty Mini Box Extractor

Our Mighty Mini box extractors are specially selected to provide 136" of water lift. Most cleaning companies use extractors that are over powered so they can double as power washers. As a result, these extractors may pull up the fibers of your carpet, resulting in premature wear. We found that 136" of water lift is optimal for removing water and soil while preserving the integrity of your carpet.

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Encapulation Cleaning

Xplica! uses Trusted Clean encapsulation cleaner. This unique cleaner attacks and emulsifies all soils commonly found in carpeting. Using the latest technology, soil is encapsulated for easy removal. Because the soil is encapsulated, whatever does not come out during extraction will be removed in subsequent dry vacuuming. Our encapsulating cleaner is non-toxic, complies with manufacturer's guidelines for "Wet Side" cleaning, provides stain resistance by adding an anti-soiling barrier, and eliminates rapid re-soiling.

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Most other companies will simply spray a perfumed deodorizer over your carpet to cover odors. If you are prone to asthma, allergies, or sensitive to fragrances, then perfumed deodorizers may worsen your condition. Xplica! Studio uses Odorcide 210 fragrance free deodorizer. Odorcide incorporates non-toxic chemistry that counteracts, absorbs, bonds, and inhibits residuals to completely eliminate odors.

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