Xplica! Studio: Carpet Cleaning

Better Quality for Less


• Superior cold steam encapsulation cleaning process

• Includes stain resistance and anti-soiling barrier

• Includes Odorcide natural, fragrance free, deodorizer

• Our non-toxic cleaners are safe for children and pets

• No rapid re-soiling (carpet stays clean longer)

• Eliminates browning and next day spots

• Complies with manufacuterer's guidelines

• Personalized service

• Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Two Rooms only $89.90!

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Did you know that hot water extraction systems are estimated to leave behind up to 4% of detergent residue?

By design detergents are made to be sticky so they can attract dirt. Residual detergent will stick to new soil coming into contact with the carpet.This is known as "rapid resoiling," which is why newly cleaned carpets seem a little sticky and tend to get dirty faster.

Xplica! Studio's encapsulation cleaning leaves no residue and continues to remove deep soil and old residue each time that you vacuum your carpet.

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